A lot of people ask if they can use the micropayment limit even for mobile phones with unpaid telecom bills.
In conclusion, you cannot purchase gift certificates, but you can use the micropayment limit!

Customers who use SK , KT telecommunication companies can use the micropayment limit with a 70% probability.
However, customers who use LG Telecom cannot use the micropayment limit.
Instead, the content usage fee limit may be used.

Also, if you have a past overdue history or non-payment on another line under your name, you can pay with a 60-70% probability.
However, if any of the incoming and outgoing calls are stopped, or lost or temporarily suspended mobile phones,
Even the small amount payment limit and the content usage fee limit cannot be paid.

Don’t forget that the most important thing is not to overdue your communication charges while using your mobile phone!

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