It is an abbreviation of gift certificate + jae tech.

After purchasing a discount voucher at the online shopping mall with a card,
It refers to reselling purchased gift certificates or recharging points through simple payment, etc.

Sangtech has two main purposes.
Earn a profit in the process of cashing out gift certificates purchased at a discount.
Purchasing gift certificates with credit card, filling performance

In order to get the first market profit, you can redeem the gift certificate at a discounted price.
Buying cheaper is important.
This is because 100% cash conversion is impossible due to fees and low-priced purchases in the process of converting into cash.
ex) What if an 8% fee is incurred in the process of converting into cash?
When you purchase a gift certificate, you have to buy it at a discount of at least 8%.

The benefits of a second free performance fill are huge, and that’s what many people aim for.
Various benefits such as discounts, points accumulation, mileage, etc.
In actual use, even if you fill the performance, you will not receive much.
However, if you purchase a gift certificate with a credit card and then convert it into cash,
Depending on the discount rate, you can make a loss/reward/benefit, but you will be able to fill the performance for free!

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